Extinction is forever

Iracema Speaks

“Iracema: Uma Transa Amazônica”, a 1976 film by Jorge Bodanzky and Orlando Senna, is reenacted in a role reversal. Who now revisits the work is Edna de Cássia, protagonist of the film. In it, she played an indigenous woman who forgets her origins and follows a path of prostitution, abuse and decadence. Edna was a teenager when she participated in the work and won the acting award at the Brasília Festival, but she never filmed again. In this reinterpretation, it is the actress herself who commands the scene: she directs, interferes, paralyzes and comments on the scenes, creating her own version of the story.

The shows/performances will be broadcast live. Watch here:

August 13rd and 14th, 2021. Friday and Saturday, 8:30 p.m.
August 15th, 2021. Sunday, 5 p.m.

(Not recommended for people under 18)

Author: Nuno Ramos

Direction and Playwriting: Nuno Ramos, Tarina Quelho and Vicente Antunes Ramos

Performance and Creative Collaboration: Edna de Cassia, Allyson Amaral, Joy Catharina, Gilda Nomacce, Giovanna Monteiro and Tenca

Live sound design: Ricardo Reis

Art direction: Eduardo Climachauska

Technical direction: André Boll

Light design: Wagner Pinto

Set design: William Zarella Jr.

Stage direction: Carolina Bucek

Costume: Victoria Constantino

Costume Assistant: Alex Leandro

Sound design and audiovisual consulting: Rodrigo Gava and Daniel Maia

Technical assistant and video operation: Giovanna Kelly

Light board operation: Gabriel Greghi

Stage assistant and travelling operation: Diego Dac

Catering: GL Catering

Footage direction: Pedro Nishi

Steadycam: Daniel Lupo

Scenography execution: Pará Movimentos

Legal advisor: José Augusto Vieira de Aquino

Legal assistance: Paula Malfatti

Directing production: Marisa Riccitelli Sant’ana and Rachel Brumana

Executive production: Giovanna Monteiro, Luiza Alves and Paulo Gircys

Management and Production: Superfície de Eventos

Excerpts of dialogues presented in this show are originally included in“Iracema Uma Transa Amazônica”, a film by Jorge Bodanzky and Orlando Senna.

Allyson Amaral – Dance artist, dance performer, performer and actor. He participated as artist-creator in the shows “Pretoperitamar – O Caminho vai dar aqui” (Pretoperitamar – The Way leads here), 2019, by Anelis Assumpção and Grace Passô; “Lobo” (Wolf), 2018, by Carolina Bianchi; “Filon – O teatro do Mundo” (Filon – The theatre of the World), 2016, directed by Kenia Dias and Ricardo Garcia; and in other projects with Key Sawao and Ricardo Iazzetta, Cristian Duarte, Grupo Espanca! and the Lia Rodrigues Dance Company.

Edna de Cássia – Edna Cereja, mostly known as Edna de Cássia (Belém, July 31, 1959) is a brazilian actress who starred the German-Brazilian feature “Iracema, uma transa amazônica”, in 1975. Of indigenous origin, the actress made a single film. She was discovered in a talk show in Belém (PA/Brazil) by directors Jorge Bodansky and Orlando Senna.

Joy Catharina – Actress, singer, art educator, and theatrical director. Graduated from the Escola Livre de Teatro de Santo André. She is co-founder of Coletivo Okan and has been working as a research actress since 2016 with the company. She has several theatrical performances throughout her career, highlighting “Impasse ou isso não é uma peça é um Golpe” directed by Cris Rocha, ”ContraFluxo” directed by Patrícia Gifford, and “Riscos e Rabiscos” directed by Dagoberto Feliz.

Gilda Nomacce – Actress graduated at Antunes Filho. She debuted in cinema with “Um Ramo” (Juliana Rojas and Marco Dutra), awarded at the Cannes Film Festival. She received the Candango for best supporting actress at the Brasília Festival for “Trabalhar Cansa” and best performer at the Mix Brasil Festival for “Minha Única Terra é na Lua”.  Her most recent works are “House of Antiquities” and “Céu de Agosto” – both shown at the Cannes Film Festival.

Giovanna Monteiro – Actress, performer and cultural producer, graduated in Performing Arts at the University of São Paulo. In her creations, she is interested in the intersection between theater, performance, dance and experimental music. In 2017, together with other artists, she founded the Hidden Committee Johann Fatzer. Since then, she has participated as a creator and performer in the collective’s work.

Tenca Silva – Works since 2011 between the audiovisual and the performing arts, exercising functions of direction, playwriting and performance. She has a degree in theater from the University of São Paulo (CAC/EAD – School of Dramatic Arts) and participates as a performer in feature films and serialized works.