Extinction is forever


Extinction is Forever is a seven-piece project that includes film, performance, literature, theatre, visual art, dance and music. These wide-ranging genres share a common poetic core: an attempt to respond to issues that currently permeate the public space so frequently and naturally that they are at risk of going unnoticed. The pieces address the need to grieve; violence becoming commonplace; the disasters of war; the threat of extinction not only of the species, but also of institutions themselves; the radical change in the concept of “a people”; the violence and the historical memory represented in buildings and monuments.

The set includes seven episodes: FLAME, Bread-Floor, Iracema Speaks, Monument, The disasters of war, Heliopter and Extinction is forever.

Other episodes are currently under development in the art lab and their public features will be subject to the potential social interaction possibilities allowed by the pandemic over the next few months.