Extinction is forever


After crafting a floor from tiles and bread, a group of performers walk and dance on its surface, breaking and transforming the bread-floor. As part of the scene, two monitors show clips from Glauber Rocha’s Black God, White Devil and Entranced Earth on a continuous loop. More specifically, a line that is repeated in both feature films: “It’s not the people’s fault”. The violence of the words and of the act of treading on bread, on food, creates a sharp contrast with the delicate movements made by the performers. The shows/performances were broadcast live on the 28th, 29th and 30th of May, 2021.

Conceived by: Nuno Ramos

Choreography and script: Nuno Ramos, Tarina Quelho and Vicente Antunes Ramos

Danced in creative collaboration by: Allyson Amaral, Eduardo Fukushima, Isis Andreatta, Leandro Souza and Tenca Silva

Music director: Romulo Fróes

Lighting design and operation:  Matheus Brant and Gabriela Miranda

Soundtrack: Luisa Puterman

Costume design: Valentina Soares and Marta Pires

Technical directors: André Boll and William Zarella Jr.

Production managers: Rachel Brumana and Marisa Riccitelli Sant’ana

Executive producers: Giovanna Monteiro, Luiza Alves and Paulo Gircys

Technical assistant: Giovanna Kelly

Set technicians: José da Hora and Fernando Zimolo

Technical advice: Rodrigo Gava

Bread making advice: Cintia Bonfim Souza

Publicity photos: Matheus Brant

Photography Director: Pedro Nishi

Steadycam: Daniel Lupo

Video Editing: Junae Andreazza

Acknowledgements: Artenafex, UMA and TONDO S/A

The breads used in this show are unfit for consumption


Allyson Amaral – Dance artist, dance performer, performer and actor. He participated as artist-creator in the shows “Pretoperitamar – O Caminho vai dar aqui” (Pretoperitamar – The Way leads here), 2019, by Anelis Assumpção and Grace Passô; “Lobo” (Wolf), 2018, by Carolina Bianchi; “Filon – O teatro do Mundo” (Filon – The theatre of the World), 2016, directed by Kenia Dias and Ricardo Garcia; and in other projects with Key Sawao and Ricardo Iazzetta, Cristian Duarte, Grupo Espanca! and the Lia Rodrigues Dance Company.

Eduardo Fukushima – Body Arts Communication graduate from PUC-SP. He is a dancer, performer, choreographer, director, playwright and teacher, and has won awards such as the 2009-2010 Rumos Dança Itaú Cultural, 2014 Funarte Klaus Vianna Award, 2014 Denilto Gomes, 2012/2013 Rolex Mentor & Protégé Arts Initiative and the 2020 dance creation APCA award. He is currently promoting his work and giving workshops across Brazil, South America, Asia and Europe.

Isis Andreatta – Dance artist, performer, choreographer and art educator. She is interested in investigating the non-hierarchical relations between perception, imagination and physicality and since 2015 has been expanding her practice through work that lies in the intersection between mental health and performance art. She has been a member of the VÃO Group since 2009 and artist-clinician co-director at the A Casa Institute Open Theatre Group since 2015.

Leandro Souza – Dance artist. He holds a Master’s degree in Performing Arts and a degree in Dance from Campinas State University. Leandro performed in Núcleo Entretanto, directed by Wellington Duarte, and the E² Theatre and Dance Company, directed by Eliana de Santana. He is currently working on his own projects, which include the solo “Sismos e Volts” (Earthquakes and Volts) – a 2018 APCA award-winner, and the choreographic piece “Eles Fazem Dança Contemporânea” (They Make Contemporary Dance).

Tenca Silva – He has been working in multimedia productions and the performing arts as a director, actor and performer since 2011. He holds a degree in drama from the University of São Paulo Drama School (CAC/EAD – Escola de Artes Dramáticas) and performs in feature films and series.